Friday, October 6, 2017

Wedding Ring Blues

 Daddio's wedding rings are now a sandwich.

 I do so love that fusible batting. Look at that backing. I could bounce a quarter off of it, it's that tight and smooth.

Fused or not, I still pin. Especially since I am packing this away for a while. My free motion skills are not ready for this serious a project yet and there is no way I would hand quilt this thing through all those paper pieced layers.

 I am practicing daily on my little panel quilts. It's really fun but I am still pretty bad at it.

My own wedding rings hit a snag. I hated the muslin. It was too flimsy a fabric for the applique.

 So I ordered something else. It's a much thicker material so I think it's going to work. Speaking of work, sewing this all down is going to be some job.


  1. Just think how lovely it will be with those perfect little stitches though. The colors on the rings are so, so pretty. They deserve just the right fabric to go with them.

    About that glove ....does that protect you from needle pokes?

  2. No. It gives you the friction you need to push the fabric around since there are no feed dogs to do it for you. It's hard to get used to.

  3. It's good to know about the muslin-the nice tone on tone is very classy! I am going to try your technique with my neighbor, Millie, who inherited a pile of wedding ring 'footballs' . Keep forging the way for me! lol It is amazing work!
    Keep working on the free motion-I always hate mine while I am doing it but when it comes out of the dryer, it all looks good!

  4. have two of these beautiful quilts going at the same time?!?! Thant's amazing!

  5. This is the thing w/quilting that kills me. Not only do you have to sew stuff in shapes/patterns, then you have to layer it AND do that applique thingy. I always watch my mom with fascination that she loves it so. Cross-stitch is complicated enough for me. That said, I think the wedding rings look lovely.