Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fall KAL Update and More

My midnight knit schedule hasn't been going well lately. I've had so much going on during the day that I fall into bed exhausted every night. I did get a quiet few hours yesterday afternoon to watch a couple of episodes of Supernatural on Netflix and get caught up.

 The second Falling Leaves sock is past the heel now.

I had an issue with the Spiral Eyelet socks because keeping that  pattern going on the foot was a real head scratcher. I'm still not happy with the results but I'm moving on.

 The last skull repeat on the mitts has been started but I don't think I need to hurry. It's still hot as heck here and it will be until next week sometime. Ugh.

 The big ta dah is for the shawl from hell.  That is the last lace repeat. It's over. It's done-but it's going in time out until I get the house sorted out. No room for blocking around here at the moment.

I have had a few spare moments to get the Halloween towels started.

I wasn't sure about how these colors would work together but the more I weave the more I like them.

I even talked The Mister into making me a Halloween potholder to match, sort of. Now I need to get those towels done. I am going to hate finishing them just to pack them away.


  1. Watching Supernatural is a great way to get some knitting done!

  2. You have so many neat projects going and all while remodeling! I don't know how you do it! Love those Spiral Eyelet socks and the skull mitts are darling.

  3. Wow you are fall city craft center! I love the falling leaves. I dig the halloween towels. The purple is fun, still on theme and tone and really pops. I read your opening about the midnight knit ... SAME.

  4. What beautiful projects and colors! Absolutely love the towels. You are so talented.

  5. WOW! You have been on a roll. I got home late, late Tuesday night and your package was waiting for me. Thank you, thank you! It was such a wonderful surprise because, I confess, with the travel and everything, I had forgotten it was waiting at home. I love everything and your generosity always astounds me.
    Blessings always,

  6. I LOVE your socks. I dont see any issues on my end . As for me, I like to put up the holiday stuff way before the event. I m always confused by folks who do it another way. So I'd make your towels and put them away too

  7. The socks are beautiful distractions from the shawl-though it will be a stunner when blocked! Those mitts are a work! Nice of the Mister to give you incentive to get those towels done!