Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Absolute End

 This is what the end looks like. I would have liked to squeeze a few more inches out of the second towel but no. I can't go on. The loom says it's over so it's over.

 There is nothing left to do but cut it off. I hate this part. It's like steeking. It's scary. You know it's all going to fall apart but it never actually does.

 Unwinding is scary too. If you have made boo boos on the underside, this is when they introduce themselves.

 When it's all over there are little bits and pieces all over the loom. Clean up is easy though. The poles pull right out and it all falls off.

 Even though I warped enough for two 30 inch towels, I got one big one and one little one again. I had a big emergency detour right in between the two.

 There was a knot in the warp thread that I must have missed. Boo me. That's a rookie mistake.

 Now I have to secure the edges by zigzagging them on the machine but I'm in no mood today. I'll put them in a safe spot away from the kitties and tackle them on football Sunday.

This looked like a big success of a project until I realized that I had made the worst mistake of all. I never got around to warping anything to take its place. That's always a bummer. Now I want to weave some more but I got nothing. Nothing. Boo me twice.


  1. Those are beautiful! I have tried, without success I might add, to learn the ways of weaving. It seems so magical to me. And after all of that work to have to cut it? It makes me shudder all over. Just like steeking, which I have never, ever done. You're my hero!

  2. Such beautiful towels and you finished them so quickly!
    Warp smth Christmassy! Always a delight to see your weaving.

  3. You have had a very busy week my friend. Even on my simple loom I am always keeping my fingers crossed all goes well when I cut the project off the loom. After all that time you don't want it to get ruined at the last second.

  4. Boo me twice. Shame on me! No shame. I cant believe you weave! You are amazing

  5. I think those colors are amazing together! I was thinking as I walked through a store yesterday how Halloween colors were just about my least favorite colors ever but I love those towels!!

  6. Don't be so hard on yourself! These towels are beautiful and you will hem them in no time! Hooray!

  7. The towels are absolutely beautiful! I would be terrified to make the necessary cut. Will be interesting to see what you decide to weave next. Love seeing your projects.

  8. I've always thought weaving looks so neat. The problem is it also looks terribly compicated too. I can't get past the complicated part. LOL I have no doubt you'll have something christmasy going on it in no time.

  9. No boos from me. The towel looks beautiful and just perfect for Halloween!

  10. Love, love, love seeing your weaving projects! Your crafty talents are amazing!