Monday, October 9, 2017

Stir Crazy

 I was really looking forward to making soap yesterday.

It's time for the Winter bars to be made but there was an issue... blankety blank stick blender was dead.  I knew I should have checked it before I got everything else ready to go but I didn't so I was stuck with having to carry on without it.

 I stirred....

 ....and stirred for hours but not much was happening. I need it to be like instant pudding to get on with it and it wasn't cooperating.

 The Mister felt sorry for me and came up with a possible solution. It helped a bit but not much. You really need an immersion blender so you don't beat air into the batter.

 I just kept on stirring and stirring and then broke it down into colors and scents and stirred it some more.

 Finally I just gave in and poured it in the molds and hoped for the best. It will be a long while before I'll know it it was all worth it. It's still pretty soft. Oy...

At least the banana bread I made that morning turned out. I made four little loaves out of some over ripe bananas and it was delish. Small victories....


  1. Well, the soap sure LOOKS pretty! Hope it all works out in the end.

  2. I think the potential soap looks very festive - I hope it will be OK! I'm really enjoying mine that you sent, thank you so much!

    I'm glad your banana bread turned out - everyone needs at least one good thing after a frustrating thing like that.

  3. I don't know if the soap will turn out....!
    Keep us posted of the outcome.
    The banana bread almost smells good through the computer! Yum!

  4. Well that had to be frustrating! Thank goodness the banana bread turned out. Nothing like a good sweet bread to save the day.

  5. Mmmm banana bread love!!!! Sorry your soap was giving you tricks not treats

  6. I hope your soap turns out! I Love those winter holiday smells :) I hope Santa brings you a new immersion blender or as I call it, "you know the brrm, brrm" (insert hand gesture here).

    I am crazy about breakfast and tea cakes right now. Banana bread is always delicious. I have to get my friend Clare to make it for me, because my people don't eat it. sigh.