Saturday, October 21, 2017

Back In Business

 My soap supplies showed up in record time.

 I was out of all the butters that I use and soap without butters is doable but just....wrong.

 Along with the butters I made sure to stock up on the oils. Nothing is worse than being in the mood to make soap and not have what you need.

That goes for color too.

 I also needed wrapping. I have 63 mini bars of soap already made and plans for at least 45 more. It goes quick around the holidays.

I get a soap fragrance sample with every shipment and this time it is White Tea. It smells nothing like tea but it does smell GOOD.

I was tired of making one loaf at at time so I ordered two more of these cute little molds from China.  Now I have three.

Without this shipment of lye, no soap would be possible. I found this brand on sale last week and stocked up on it. I should be good to go now. Let the soaping begin-again!


  1. This looks so complicated. I guess if you want to get smth as wonderful as your soaps you need to work a miracle.

  2. Have fun! You're all set and ready to go...of course now it's warmer again this weekend...

  3. Very fun! I see wonderful afternoons of soap making in your future. I drink white tea, I wonder what white tea fragrance is like?

  4. Nice to see the excellent ingredients that go into your luxury bars! No wonder they are perfect!

  5. Soap making looks and sounds SO complicated. I'm really glad you enjoy it though and are so generous with everyone. :-). White tea. I wonder what that smells like?
    Have fun!!!

  6. That all looks so interesting and fun! I'm also curious about that white tea fragrance.

  7. I really really want to have a go at soap making, just a bit scared! Always so awestruck by what you produce 😀

  8. It sure would be interesting to watch you at work doing your soap making!

  9. It's amazing all that goes into those beautiful little bars!

  10. That's the worst when all your creative energy is going and you can't work on what you want! I was excited for you as Iread through the list of supplies you received. So glad you got your goods, have fun!