Friday, October 20, 2017

The Good Stuff

The other day Kathy B wanted to know if there was some new product or gizmo that was rocking your world. At the time I had nothing. But a big box from Amazon changed that yesterday. For my craft table I bought this little battery operated camping lantern that is making a world of difference with my stitching. I am in love.

I also bought a stand up stitching frame which is also my new BFF.

I was getting a cramp in my side from bending over the Q Snaps but no more. This thing holds them at just the right height and angle. I could have stitched all night.

 An added bonus of goodness was this surprise package all the way from California. Chocolate, cookies and a critter. What could be better!

Thanks so much Mary. I am in awe of your skill with a hook! Squeeee.....


  1. Your new lantern looks a lot like one we used as children while camping in a tent. What a great idea to use it while stitching. How generous of Mary. Love all of the sweet things.

  2. I am also thinking about buying a stand.
    Your owl is so cute!

  3. Oh, the light makes such a difference!!!
    And the stand to get things off your lap so you can concentrate on stitching and not juggling everything! Good for you!

  4. Very fun. That frame is amazing. Mary's gift is so thoughtful. Have a great weekend.

  5. OHHHHH LIght is our friend!!!! Hooray for a good review. Hooray for fun mail. You are always making the rest of us happy!

  6. The camping lantern is a really good idea. The boys think my need for bright light is already out of control and a room/mood killer for whatever they are doing. pfft!

    Your little halloween bat is too cute, what a lovely care package!

    The stand is going to allow you to get even more done now! It's a great tool!

  7. Love the lantern - it's perfect! I've never been able to use a stand or frame with my stitching...I stitch in hand. Just easier for me. Nice goodies you received.

  8. Oh that little critter is so cute and the fact that it came with chocoate and cookies makes it even better! :-) I have that same little camp light and I love it. Awesome stand too. I'd say you're having a pretty good day.

  9. Good tools can make all the difference in the world.

    Love the little Halloween bat!

  10. Love your Halloween stitchery! That frame looks very handy as does the light. What fun to receive such a nice surprise from Mary.