Monday, October 2, 2017

Kitty Crazy

I mentioned yesterday that I was kitty sitting for Daughter and her Hubby while they were off to NYC for the night last Saturday. They had a very special appointment to keep Sunday afternoon. I think grumpy kitty knew something was up.

Before she left she had spent the week taking everything out of her guest room and turning it into a kitty sanctuary.

She spent a small fortune at Ikea jazzing the place up and making it very kitty friendly.

Something was up alright. Daughter had seen these two kitties on Beth Stern's Instagram and fell in love. Beth Stern (yes, Howard's wife) runs a kitty rescue in NYC out of their apartment. Daughter took a chance and emailed her to see if the two little girls were still available.

Since there are officially "celebrity kitties" there was a lot of interest in them so Daughter had little hope that she would be chosen from the pile of adoption applications but......she was!

 Daughter and Hubby got to go to the Stern's apartment in Manhattan and pick up the two little cuties. Two plus two equals four so now they are a four kitty household.

Daughter is kitty crazy so that is nothing to her. Just look at the shoes she wore to the meeting.  Meow.

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