Monday, October 23, 2017

Bathroom Update

 The only thing going on in the bathroom is all the tedious work that has to be done before you can put up the cement backer boards.

 We decided to take down all the drywall to the ceiling and replace it rather than try to work around the pieces that were left after the ugly tub surround came out.

Of course the old studs were uneven so we are having to add some new ones here and there to straighten the wall out.

It's slow going but we've got some serious tiling to do so getting it even is pretty important. I didn't pick out anything fancy this time. I stuck to the classics. I learned my lesson with those bright blue tiles. I want to make sure this is the last time I have to do this because I am running out of reasons to think this is fun.


  1. You are so funny. I had a non fun day yesterday. Red wine spilled on the last of the carpeting here so I got the blade and prybars out and pulled up the rest of it. Fireman watched which killed him. Damn all those tacking strips and damn the nails. 6 hours of straight work and I let myself have a scone and some granola later. I figure I worked off the points.

    1. I've done that job at Daddio's. It's HARD work!

  2. We need to do this with our central bathroom but all the problems you have run into give us pause, too! Keep on working and pretty soon it will surprise you with the progress you have made!

  3. It's always SO much work that you can't even see in the completely project. But when it's all done you'll be so happy. :-)

  4. Nothing wrong with the classics - you can add colour with your decor and change is much easier!
    Hope the mess gets back in order soon.

  5. That looks like a really BIG job!

  6. It is going to be a lot of work but will look great when it is done. Classic white never goes out of style.