Monday, October 30, 2017


What do you do on Halloween when your kids are all grown and no one comes knocking on your door looking for treats anymore? 

 You line up on the boardwalk with your dog and parade around in costumes for charity. There were 54 dogs registered this year. They said it was a record.

 I'm glad I wasn't a judge.

 There were too many clever and adorable costumes to choose from.

 See what I mean?

 I think the Ewok was my favorite. Simple but oh, so adorable.

 Wonder Woman was a close second.

 But then along came the Grinch with his long suffering pooch.....

 ...and Thing 1 and Thing 2. Who could choose?

 This little one was a bit overwhelmed. She hid under the bench all day.

 Who could blame her? There were dragons....

 ....and lions on the loose.

Pup was also overwhelmed, in fact, borderline hysterical the whole time. We didn't dress her or Old Doggie up since we only found out about the event the night before. We'll be ready next year. The Mister has plans.

As the dog parade was winding down, the kiddie parade was just beginning. The little secret bar that looks like someone's house near the boardwalk was getting ready to hand out goodies complete with dragons and a drop dead perfect Dumbledore.  Now, if I only had a kid....


  1. That would have been so much fun to see. I always enjoy seeing dogs dressed up in costumes. The resort had a doggie parade the last weekend at the lake last summer and it was so much fun. Chloe went as a butterfly. She won a trophy for the “sweetest dog at the lake.”
    Blessings always,

  2. What fun! When I used to go to the Mutt Strut here with Dug, people would dress their pups in costumes, and it was such fun to see them. I was not overly creative, though he would have happily worn a costume - usually he just had a headband costume from the dollar bin at Target!

  3. Fun to see all the ideas for the costumes-will look forward to yours next year!

  4. Im with you...find the celebration and enjoy! We intend to walk into town tomorrow and watch the trick or treaters on the sidewalks. Up here in the countryside we don't get any ! But I carved two pumkins, I light them every night and we will have more fun at the barn today!

  5. Oh my goodness, you have absolutely made my day with this post! I don't usually pay much attention to Halloween because when my kids were young we lived in a very remote area. But this parade, I would have absolutely attended!

  6. How fun! No one comes to our door either, at least for the past couple of years, so maybe someone will tomorrow? I heard of another event like yours, but it was in NYC, just a little far away. Happy Halloween!

  7. I think ALL the doggies are winners!

    No one came to our door last year and this year we are in a hotel. Like the MISTER ---- I have plans (for NEXT year)!

  8. Omg....I could really get into that with my little bunch of hooligans. How fun! Who needs trick or treaters when you have that?! LOL