Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sewing on Sundays

 The striped material I needed got here in time for Sunday football. The only time I have to really get into a project is when The Mister has something better to do that he can do all by his lonesome. Of course, the stripes came with a side order of clearance bunny material that I am tucking away for next spring's apron.

 Daddio saw this case when we were looking through the Connecting Threads catalogue last week. He said I should get it so I did. He doesn't talk much these days so when he does, I listen.

 I really didn't know how much I would like this thing until it got here.

 It holds all those weird spools of thread that won't fit on a standard thread stand.

 And it stands up so I can store it with it taking up much room. It was much bigger than I thought and better yet-it was on sale. Daddio always did have a good eye for sewing dodadds.

Ta dah... by the magic of the internet the fall apron is done. They make up in a flash.

 While I was putting away the scraps I found this old kit Daddio had bought ages ago and decided to start working on it now that the apron is done.

 It's hard to tell but it's for fall potholders. He loved to make potholders. For some reason the pattern melted.

 I'm not sure what's up with that but at least I can read the important parts.


  1. I'm thinking Daddio was right too. That looks like a really nice container. Love the apron too. Still haven't gotten around to making mine.

  2. I like pot holders, too-they are fast and practical; what's not to like! Your apron is very snazzy! Nice job!

  3. Your Daddio had a great idea there. The spools fit perfectly. Love the new fall apron. And look! You still have a month or two to wear it. You can never have too many potholders. Will be fun to see what those look like completed.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  4. Daddio is smart!! I like that case for the thread. Love your apron - that turned out great! I was just thinking/realizing the other night that I need new pot holders...hmmmm

  5. hahaha that pot holder pattern has seen better days
    Pot holders ARE useful though!!! I like the ones they use on great british bake off . There is a cloth between the two mitts so you dont burn your arm!

  6. I love that you had a special moment with Daddio!

    All those fall fabrics look like fun. Happy sewing!

  7. Daddio was right that is a very handy container. Love your Autumn socks and that wonderful apron.