Monday, October 16, 2017

Starting Over

 I was on a roll with the new Juki. I thought I had it all figured out but noooo......

I was happily making a mess of this panel quilt outlining farm animals and making loop de loops when the bobbin ran out of thread.

 Even though I thought I had all the tension issues worked out it seems that if you change the bobbin and rethread the darn thing you have to start all over again with the adjustments.

 That's better. This is the back and I still have lots to learn but at least it's not a bird's nest anymore.

Now I need to sit down and watch some videos of some actual free motion patterns and see where that leads me. Loop de loops are getting old....


  1. Ooh. I've had that happen with tension too and it is definitely NOT FUN. However, you recovered quite quickly. :-). Enjoy!

  2. mom gave me a free motion foot for my machine... I've yet to work up the courage to play with it.

  3. Oh boy...tension adjusting can be a tricky business that's for sure. I've had that happen too and it's so frustrating. Your loopty loops are really looking professional though. That free motion sewing is so neat!

  4. Nice work-it is a constant adjustment!
    I did a swath 10" wide and when I rolled it forward I was horrified to see just what you saw! Horrors! At least it rips out more easily! (I had put in a new bobbin and had not seated the thread right-it is very unforgiving!!!!)

  5. I can't even sew a Halloween costume so quilting is out of the question. Just wait til you see Little B for Halloween, it will be a mess.

  6. At least now you know what you need to do. You have amazing patience with new projects.