Saturday, April 8, 2017

With Weeks to Spare

 Ta 2017 MDSW shawl is finished! Not without drama. I couldn't get the bind off stretchy enough even after You Tubing it. I slept on the idea of it and then said the heck with it in the morning and just went on with finishing it.

 After a good soak..... got stretched out in all its glory. It was huge and I didn't even come close to following the pattern as to size.

 I liked the way the green striped sideways. It makes the plain garter parts much more interesting.

It was an easy blocking job but I was still careful knowing my poor splicing job was in there somewhere ready to come apart at any moment. It just has to hold for one day and then it will get tossed in the bin with all the other festival shawls. I've got quite a pile.

Here's the official mugshot. It's Hap for Harriet  by Kate Davies and I am already sad not to have it to work on.


  1. It's gorgeous! I just learned new stretchy bind off yesterday for my sweater. It's called the tubular bind off. It's very similar to the Kitchener stitch and you do it with a tapestry needle. I can't get over how beautiful that shawl is. Don't just throw it in a pile, you need to wear it next winter.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I really LOVE the lacey bits! Congrats on another beautiful finish!

  3. Beautiful! Love the color, love the shawl!

  4. Fabulous finish...and with time to spare! You'll look marvelous at MDSW!

  5. It's ethereal! What a fantastic job! It will be eye-catching at the Sheep and Wool Festival in a few weeks! Ta-da!!!!
    (Mine has been sidelined with other knitting but wow, I can't wait to finish it now!)

  6. Gorgeous!! I love how the green striped too! Very pretty for a bin toss. ;-D

  7. That is stunning! The color you chose is gorgeous.
    I already queued it. I always swore I'd never knit with lace-weight, but you've changed my mind!

  8. I have always wanted to try that pattern, and yours is just gorgeous! I think it's perfect in the green.