Sunday, April 2, 2017

Districts: Day One

 We made it to Richmond safe and sound early Saturday morning. I spent all day keeping the benches warm while Daughter put skaters on the ice. I had nothing to do until Sunday when the production teams compete.

 We had a lot of success with the single and couple skaters. There were a lot of blue ribbons around their necks and plenty of smiles.

We had a team dinner at Capital Ale House when the events were over for the day.

It was one of the Dad's 40th birthday so we had a cake ambush. So far, so good. Fingers crossed for today.


  1. Fingers crossed!

    Congrats to the blue ribbon winners.

  2. OH best of luck. Glad its been a success so far. Dont work too hard today

  3. Sounds like Saturday was a success. I hope today was even better!

  4. I read your posts out of order :'( but was glad to hear you did well. Nice sock knitting in between things, too!