Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stick a Fork in It

 Remember the mystery fiber I just spun?

 It was just too blah for me so I forked it. I saw this on Youtube. I was looking to make speckles.

 I forked my heart out with several colors and then steamed it in the microwave.

 I had no idea if that dye would take but it looks like it did.


.....not much of an improvement but it was fun trying. It's itchy stuff so it will be mitts one day. Spotty mitts.


  1. Never heard of forking before. Wish you would have elaborated a bit more. It looks so different from the skein when knit up; I would have expected to see more blue.....

    1. I just let the dye drip off the fork onto the skein making spots on the skein.

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of spottiness! I think they look quite festive!

  3. Nice! I really like how that turned out. I'm going to have to give that a try.

  4. Forking - hahaha. I think it looks great!

  5. I think forking is the new "hip" technique all the big indy dyers are doing lately. I've seen a lot of speckled yarns all over ravelry right now.

  6. Nice to play mad scientist in the dye lab!
    I like the spottiness of the knit-couldn't see it as well in the skein.
    I do like the more intense color of the finished yarn. Fun!

  7. You are so creative with so many talents lady! I love mitts and it doesnt matter to me if they are scratchy so good choice. I think the orange really pops and I love it

  8. What a cool concept! I love how you find all these craft techniques and give them a try and we get to read about your fabulous crafting times. Your photos really add to the adventure. Wishing you well.

  9. I love low-tech solutions, like using a fork for dying. I think those little spots make a difference.

  10. I love the "Stick a fork in it!" I was wondering when I read that headline… I love how the yarn is knitting up so differently Than the skein. It always amazes me. Good job!
    Blessings, Betsy