Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cotton Candy

 I ran into Micheal's to get some cupcake liners for tomorrow and look what I found.

 Bins and bins of gorgeous cotton. There must be more than dishcloths for this pretty stuff, right?

I need to do some homework because I want to buy it all. I'm in a dangerous place, project wise.

Look at this. Scrubby Cotton. Have you ever?

Not cotton but I couldn't resist a photo of this pretty stuff. It seems the cheapo yarn folks are really getting their stuff together. It's about time they started taking us seriously.


  1. I almost fell over when I saw the $1.99 price tag. I pay almost double that here.

    As for that scrubbie yarn...I haven't used in personally, but the ladies in my knit group said it is REALLY hard on your hands.

  2. I had two of those Caron Cakes in my basket last week but I put them back. Not sure what to do with them as the color changes are fairly long and abrupt. No easing into the change, just whammo! A new color. Some of the colors were wonderful though. And I really need to try some of that scrubbie yarn. I don't have enough time to do everything I want to..

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I've never seen such a variety of colors for that yarn. Good thing I wasn't with you!

  4. I love the fact that the cupcake liners are in the same aisle as the yarn so you could get what you needed and peruse the yarn, too! lol
    I like the grand selections! Who can resist...

  5. You're lucky to have the Premier Home cotton in your JoAnns there. I have to order it from Amazon and it's more expensive there. Like WAY more expensive! I love that stuff for my dish cloths.

  6. Looks like your Michaels has more yarn choices than ours does. How much followed you home? Happy Easter!

  7. Fortunately, I live quite a ways from a Michael's because that is really good-looking yarn!

  8. Ooooh Dream City! Fabulous colors and options! Did you get any?