Sunday, April 9, 2017

An Early Start

 Getting the binding done on the table runner inspired me to go dig out the Easter stuff.

 It's the one event I get to host every year and I am always woefully unprepared.

 Other than the dye, Easter just doesn't do it for me celebration-wise.  I've been to Home Goods three times looking for some decorative inspiration and came home empty handed.

 Even worse, there is always a candy crisis. Already I've missed the boat on both jelly beans and yellow peeps. My local stores are out of them and won't be restocking. I also can never find marshmallow bunnies or malted robin's eggs anymore. Jeesh.

I did stock up on eggs.  I've heard they peel better if they are older. I hate making deviled eggs with uncooperative shells.


  1. We have little chicks and bunnies everywhere, it's the coming of spring that makes me happy xx

  2. fresh. This is how I do my eggs. I find that 13 minutes works for me.

  3. I've seen Peeps everywhere, but never noticed if there were yellow ones. I know the store Tuesday Morning had lots of them and so did the CVS drug store.

  4. I've not even thought of peeps yet! Crisis!
    And the chocolate ones are awesoome!

  5. Oh... now you've got me wanting devilled eggs!
    And yes - I can attest - older eggs are better for peeling. you never want one fresh from the chicken bum!

  6. I love spring and Easter is my favorite holiday of the year! It's Resurrection Sunday which is the biggest holiday that a Christian can celebrate. I enjoyed seeing all of your preparations. I've bought peeps a couple times this year for our grandchildren. They're always popular. I've never found the chocolate ones though.

  7. I agree. The older eggs do peel better. I still can't believe it's Easter time already. I'm not prepared at all!