Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Stitching and Weaving

 Cluck, cluck. I've been a real chicken about this project. I did pluck up the courage to tie it on.

 I wound the bobbins.

 I got the first three inches of tabby woven and there I stopped. I need to do more homework before I tackle that overshot draft. It's scary.

 In the stitching room I've gotten more done. My basket of flowers is finished and I am adding the border.

My little forest had an issue with the count on the last tree. It's in the bin now. I need to come up with a better way to keep count because I am making stupid mistakes. I made a copy of the pattern and am going to go at it with a highlighter as I go from now on. I hope that helps.

I moved this big project to the new Q Snap. It makes a world of difference. I hated that old rickety lap frame. The legs kept falling off. I'm working on the calico cat now. I'm afraid it's going to have some wonky stripes but no one will notice but me.

Finally, I even got a few more rows done on this impossibility. Who would have thought such a little thing would be so hard.


  1. The colors of your weaving are so bright and pretty! Sorry about your falling tree, the one standing looks beautiful! Try gridding the fabric, this may help with not-continuous patterns.

  2. That purple!!! Oh my goodness! It's gorgeous. And I really like that basket of flowers. Your work is beautiful.

  3. Some of those Mill Hill kits are quite intricate. I have a LOT of those in the stitching stash. (Which reminds me ..... I should do some cross stitching. It's been awhile.)

  4. Gorgeous colors on the bobbins! What a great color combo.

  5. You can do the overshot-the magic happens right under your shuttle; the treadles do all the work! The cross stitching is progressing nicely!

  6. Everything looks beautiful. The colors for your weaving are so cheerful and bright - perfect viewing on this day which has steadily become quite grey.

  7. Oh I so admire your stitching Lady!!!!! Saw mom last night. She was ok. Smiling so that's good. Garbled talk but clear: I love you too, said to me.

  8. Now you're making me want to haul out my long forgotten stitching.

  9. So many fun projects in the works! I'm loving those color combinatons on the bobbins!