Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thanks Mom

 I was looking forward to yesterday's Science March. I even bought a banner from Greenpeace to take with me.

 I didn't get to go. Life got in the way.

I was there in spirit. I spent the day admiring Mother Earth's spring display.

 Everything is so fresh and delicate this time of year.

The green is getting greener.

Every where you look the winter mud has given way to new life and I'm living proof. I'm covered in poison ivy. Note to self: Stay out of the may apples.


  1. Oh no!!! Not poison ivy! Ouch...that's no fun. I'm covered in fire ant bites...we can be miserable together. LOL! Those little buggers really smart too.

  2. Oh no! Calamine lotion. Lots and lots of calamine lotion. If I get within blocks of the stuff I break out. It is literally carried on the wind to me. When we lived in Nebraska I had to get shots every month from March until November to try to protect me from it. I feel your pain and itching. I hope it goes away very quickly.

  3. Oh no! Sorry! Love the pictures, especially the new growth on the evergreen.

  4. You were there in spirit!

  5. You vote right -- and that's powerful!

  6. Oh NO@! Ouch and itch itch itch. Feel better soooooon!!!

  7. You and poison ivy-it is like a Spring ritual for you, I'm sorry to note! Go for help from the DR before it spreads too far!

  8. OMG. Just the thought of poison ivy is bringing back traumatic memories! I think I have poison ivy PTSD!
    I hope yours clears up quick!