Saturday, April 1, 2017

No Joke

 I love that Google Maps gave us an early April Fool's Day treat by turning the world into a Ms Pac Man game yesterday. Speaking of maps, I'm on my way to Richmond today for another competition weekend. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. This is going to be a tough one. I'll tell you about all the drama later.

 Have you ever made a knitting decision at night and then woke up with regrets? I just did. I spliced the yarn when I ran out of the first ball and I just know that it is all going to come apart during blocking. I can't go back now. I can't find it anymore. Boo me.

 At least my my Arrow Mitts have decided to behave.

 They have been such a joy to work on that I went and dug out this old gem. I slowed down on it when I got to the scary part. Time to solider on or turn it into a pillow.

Finally, there are some new faces in the cotton basket. You can't have enough dishcloths. Not when you've always got tons of dishes.


  1. Well, hang in there ... the weekend will be over soon. Safe travels.

  2. I hope your back is better and you are able to enjoy the competition.

  3. Yes travel safely. Soon you are on to new ventures right? You just reminded me that i can work on my shawl...duh.. Im waiting for a kit to make a charity teddy bear and IM very impatient. In the meantime I can shawl...

  4. Um 2.9.2016 is the post that always comes up in my bookmarks for you and that was the first time I saw you OLD GEM~!!!! I see it all the time when I click to update to your latest post. And btw Kim at is having an awesome awesome yarn giveaway for some questions you can answer. Not enough people enter her fun giveaways!

  5. Oh oh....hopefully the weekend will end well....sometimes if it starts out bad it ends well. I remember "that old gem". I was so impressed with your color work skills on that one!!!

  6. Yes, I get it about the late night decision! It will work out hopefully!
    Nice work on the other things. Be safe this weekend!