Monday, April 10, 2017

Night Time Knitting

 I've got too many socks on the needles and it's making me crazy. I get tired just looking at them all. These I  had been working on during my visits with Daddio. They were slow going. I finished one and when I went to look for the matching ball of yarn I found.....

 ...the Undines I had abandoned last fall when the weather turned cold.

 Then there are these.....

....and these. All of them are going in a basket by the bed and I am going to put two rows on them all every night during my midnight Netflix binge time. That's the only way I've been getting anything done around here.


  1. Sounds like you have a GOOD plan.

    I'll admit ..........I *think* I want to have all my needles full, but when I do it stresses me out and NOTHING gets done.

    So, now I have ONE pair of socks on the needles and my scrap blanket. THAT'S IT!

  2. And here I thought I was the only one late night binging on Netflix. It's my favorite time to knit. That's a lot of socks you've got going there.

  3. Well, you have plenty of knitting without the headache of decisions right now! lol
    They all need you to finish them and you can do it!

  4. Great colors, great starts and a great plan for finishing. I'm sort of "training" myself to have more than one project going...I've always been a single project gal - lol.

  5. You'll certainly have warm feet when you get them all done!

  6. I wish I dared to knit past 10pm but my concentration just isn't that reliable. But, binging on some late night Netflix is wonderful - I just with I could remember the end of every show I've ever watched at midnight!

  7. Dont be too hard on yourself my friend. Enjoy the knits and the NETFLIX escape. Lord knows you need some enjoyment at this toughtime wtih daddio

  8. That's a great plan! I can't stand to have more than two or three projects on the needles or hook. Usually it's a bigger project, like my sweater I'm working on and a pair of socks. Sometimes a washcloth is thrown in or a baby hat for something else small.
    At least you have something to grab without thinking about it.

  9. Oh my. I want to dive into this post and throw the pile of socks in the air so they rain down on me like a bank robber in cash. Jackpot! Gorgeous. I like them all! Undine is such a fun pattern!

    I wish I could Netflix and knit with you. We'd have a ball!

  10. What? There is such a thing as too many socks OTN? No way!