Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Holiday Blahs

The only interesting thing happening around here today was some late night knitting on socks. It was a holiday hangover kind of day still full of sick dogs and the continuing saga of MIL funeral goings on. To top it off a stray gust of wind caught my brand new patio umbrella and broke it beyond repair. It wasn't even a week old.

The only bright spot aside from all the leftover cake was this surprise from Karen aka Momolake. She spied this vintage tin advert at a Florida flea market while on vacation and thought of me. It's perfect isn't it? Thanks Karen. You made my day!


  1. You have my hugs and condolences. Hard times indeed

  2. That Easter wind was wild here too. We didn't even roll our umbrella out. The base is weighted down with 150 lbs of sand but that wind would have taken the top right off if we rolled it out so we poured on the sunscreen and made due. Sorry about yours....those things aren't cheap! Glad the cake and cute tin saved the day.

  3. Sorry about you umbrella. How frustrating. It's been a rough time for you and the mister hasn't it? Hugs and prayers my friend.

  4. Sounds like you had a horrible, no good, very bad day ........except for the little gift.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  5. Hope you frame that gift as it is PERFECT! Sorry your day was crummy and hope that today was 100% better! Hugs!