Thursday, April 27, 2017

Eighty One

 Mom would have been 81 today.

 I can't even imagine what that would look like. She left us at 66. I'll be 64 in December so I am beginning to feel the chill. I spent the afternoon thinking about her in the place she loved most.

 I've walked past this antique shop that's on the corner of the boardwalk for years and never really looked at it.

 I never realized what this pretty thing was. It's weaving. I am not sure what kind but it's really pretty. It was only $35 for the little loom.  I was tempted but I think it's too pretty to come out of the window and be lost in the clutter that is my house.

Instead of more antiquing, Pup and I decided to share an oatmeal raisin cookie from the coffee shop across the street. No raisins for her though. It was the best cookie I'd ever had and I think Pup agreed.


  1. My Mom had just turned 67 when she passed, 27 long years ago. I miss her still, so I feel and understand the pain of your loss. I was just 29 when she died. My Dad's birthday would have been the 23 and my FIL's birthday would have been the 29. April is a tough month for our family to deal with. You never really adjust do you?
    That is a cute weaving project and perfect for the window.

  2. Pretty rug! I love small looms with processes on them. Look so cute and tempting.

  3. I'm glad you had a good walk to remember.
    The window display was fascinating!
    A shared cookie was just the right decision!

  4. Walking and remembering - I do it all the time. Glad you had a cookie! Thinking of you.

  5. 66 is much too young sorry for your loss, but happy that you had a day of remembering her favorite place.

  6. That's a lovely way to remember her.
    66 is too young.

  7. It's nice of you to share your walk with us. Did your Mom have as many talents and interests as you do? Most of my crafting interests were taught to me by my mother and even if I didn't appreciate them when I was younger, I certainly do now!

  8. You must have had an amazing mom. 66 is 30 years to soon nowadays. Im glad you shared a cookie....

  9. Hang on to those sweet memories and that cute pup who so selflessly shared her cookie with you.

  10. Thinking of you thinking of your Mom. Sweet post. "the clutter that is my house." Ah yes, I understand this TOO well.