Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Soap: That's All for Fall

Here's that pumpkin soap that was in the mold last week. Meet Pumpkin Picking. If you like pumpkin pie you will love this. It smells just like it.

Next is my favorite standby Oatmeal, Milk and Honey. I can't not have a bar of this in the shower. It's the comfort food of the soap world. I love it.

Speaking of the shower, here is a bar that I'm using at the moment. It's one I made last summer. I wanted to see how they aged so I stuck some way in the back of a hall closet and forgot about them for a year. I suppose it depends on the additives and the way it's stored but this old soap is nice. Very nice.

 That old bar was concocted out of some essential oils and every color of clay I had at the time plus a splash of activated charcoal. I have lots of different colors of clay now so I made a fancier version. I didn't use a commercial fragrance so I get to name it. Meet Painted Desert. It smells like lavender, litsea and cedar. It's tangy and earthy at the same time.

Finally, and I mean FINALLY, meet Honeycrisp Apple. I mixed some apple fragrance with some honey fragrance and it is delicious. I seriously want to eat this one. I now have 98 bars of soap curing. Yes, I said 98. Being stuck inside during the heat wave has turned me into a crazy soap making lady. Even worse, Daughter sent me a $50 Brambleberry gift certificate for helping out at skate camp. I've got 8 Christmas fragrances on the way.  Eight. This is really getting out of hand.


  1. You don't do things by halves! But so what!
    The soap is magnificent and you like making it so it is just right on both counts.

  2. Painted Desert is AMAZING with all those colors.

  3. Your soap is gorgeous!

  4. I love it.....all of it.....pumkin pie(yum) inspire me!! 98 bars! Thats amazing!

  5. You are such a busy lady. I love the beauty of your soap, let alone the way it must smell. Yum!

  6. Painted Desert looks and sounds WONDERFUL! All of your soaps are amazing. Even my son commented on them when he was over the other week!!

  7. All beautiful! Milk and honey is one of my favourite scents!

  8. BOth painted desert and the apple soaps are my favorites of this bunch! Wow. Just beautiful