Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Felines

As I mentioned before, Iast weekend I was kitty sitting for Daughter at her house.

Her cats don't especially like me much. The little gray one spent all weekend making me crazy and giving me the face.

I think that cat is part alien.

First she decided to take a nap in my bag. All my clothes and stuff are under her. That's a problem because I am deathly allergic to cats. I had to clean out the bag and throw my clothes in the wash.

After I kicked her out of the bag she insisted on perching on my laptop all weekend. Grrrr....

She's on a special diet. I forgot I had to make sure she didn't eat the other kitty's canned cat food. She took advantage of my ignorance and ate her dinner and her sister's. We were up all night cleaning up big messes all over the house. I have no idea how so much could come out of such a little kitty. Both ends, ahem.

 She really is a cute little kitty when she is not being so darn high maintenance.

The cats are Daughter's babies and she pampers them with lots of cool kitty stuff.

These corrugated cardboard boxes are wonderful. Little gray thing spent all weekend, when she wasn't driving me crazy, scratching up her little cardboard house. Her kitty sister slept in her box and was no problem at all. I'll be there for a whole week sitting them at the end of the month while their mom and dad are off to Turks and Caicos. This should be good.


  1. Oh my ......the sass is strong in THAT ONE! LOL

    Hope you make it through the weekend. That cat has looks that could KILL!

  2. Oh my gosh - what a face!!! You are a good grandmom to kitty-sit when you are allergic. My son's girlfriend is mildly allergic and they have two of whom sleeps on her head every night - LOL

  3. I spoil my grands (cats) all the time. I've never had to baby sit them . I did however, adopt Tank al's first cat. He's got enough idiosyncrasies to write a book about....HEY!!!

  4. Ha! Maybe two close visits like this will mean the next trip will go better! Even cats with attitude are awesome!

  5. I see the resemblance in the two pictures! Ha! Oh my goodness you had a time didn't you. I used to love to play with Mandy's cats before she moved east. I do miss them, but not the high maintenance that they can be. Her cats have special diets too and you have to be very careful with what they eat. A whole week? Good luck my friend.

  6. It looks like grey kitty just wanted to make you feel at home.

  7. It's not easy caring for a high maintenance pet. I know that from experience. Your daughter is so lucky to have you to sit for them.