Friday, August 26, 2016

Fabulous Foot Fizzies

 My bath bomb experiment a few weeks ago was a big success so I decided to make more. I didn't particularly care for them in the bath but they are a miracle foot fizzie. After a week at skate camp my feet were a disaster. I'm not sure why or how but one soak gave me feet like I haven't had in years. I'm sold.

I made lots of different ones this time around and all seemed to go well until.....

 ...they started to dry.

 Uh, oh...the one on the right is an original fizzie. The one on the left is a new one. While drying the new ones swelled up and got pitted,

See the difference in texture? I think it was still too humid. I had the AC off and the windows open for a bit so the new ones started to fizz a little while they cured. Darn.

They still fizzed in the tub and worked their magic but they are ugly, all rough and bumpy and a bit misshapen-sort of like my poor feet. I like to drop them in a big bowl and stand in it while I am showering. It is the ultimate in decadence. I am in love with these goofy little things. Who knew that plain ole baking soda, epsom salts, citric acid and just enough fragrance oil and melted butters to hold it all together could be so, well....lush?

 This morning I made even more and stuck them in the oven with just the light on to dry. Someone on some forum suggested it so we'll see how that works. I just hope I remember they are in there or I could be in for an awful big mess.

I've also learned you've got to wrap them up in humid weather. I know, the famous maker's shop just has them sitting out in bins. I'm not sure how they manage that but from now on, my bombs are covered.


  1. Oh wow! These look wonderful (even swollen and my old lady feet -- lol.

  2. They sure look pretty.

    Glad your feet got a bit of pampering after all their hard work last week.

  3. This is totally making me want to fizz my feet.....they're a mess.

  4. I had never heard of foot fizzles until your blog. Now I desperately want some. I'll have to check them out somewhere.

  5. How fun! They look like ice cream!

  6. Bath bombs for your feet, that's brilliant and it makes so much sense. I'm not running this year for various reasons, but I'm back at the dance and cardio classes, and just a foot soak ... my son does them post soccer, but I always forget how fabulous it is! By the way, I like the looks of the swollen ones.

  7. Even 'ugly' they look like they would do a welcome soak to any foot!

  8. I will take all the ones you think are ugly and gladly use them!

  9. So cool - ugly or not (and I don't think they are!)