Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bombs Away!

I've got a big tub of botanical additives with nothing to do. After I bought it all, I discovered I am not a fan of stuff in soap. I like it smooth and silky-except for the gritty coffee soap. It's one of my favorites.

While having drinks and talking soap with friends a month or so ago someone mentioned how much they loved Lush's products so I had to go take a look.

Everyone loves their soap but what people seem to be going crazy over is their super fizzy bath bombs.

 Making bath bombs looked like fun and since I pretty much had everything you needed but a mold, I ordered a set and got to work. There are tons of online tutorials so I followed along on YouTube.

 They are the prettiest when you use a tiny bit of botanicals in them and as I mentioned before, I have plenty. For my first try I used some ground up rose petals.

 The execution was certainly easier than making soap-and I didn't have to wear all that hot protective gear. I did learn you need gloves. The stuff is pretty harsh on the hands. I was making this test batch just for me so I wasn't being too hygienic. Next time I'll know better.

 Okay. My first try was not a complete success. It wouldn't stick together no matter how hard I pressed.

 I spritzed the mixture with some rubbing alcohol as the instructions suggested and it stuck together much better.

Look at that. Two adorable bombs! Meet Love Spell Bath Fizzies and boy, do they fizz. These guys have to dry out for the next 24 hours but when I dropped some of the leftover mixture in some water I got a terrific explosion of bubbles. These are going to be fun!


  1. How fun! You have more hobbies than anyone I know! Those bath bombs are really cute.

  2. What fun! And so cute. Is there anything you do not do? LOL

  3. You are almost your own LUSH Store. Oh my. GOrgeous!

  4. Great have lots of choices now for adding to your bath and beauty luxuries!

  5. Looks like they turned out just fine! I've seen those at the soap store, but I've never tried one. I'm not much of a bath person.

  6. What Vera said! Seriously lady would just stop it ;) Those bath bombs look perfect! One more crafty talent in your pocket!

  7. I simply cannot keep up with you. LOL! This looks like total fun too. Love bath bubbles.