Saturday, August 6, 2016


 The scrap busting bumberet is done.

 I can't say it was finished without a hitch because silly old me sewed one of the hems on the wrong side and I had to spend a good hour picking it all out and resewing it. That was no fun.

I think it turned out great. All those random colors seem to be playing together very nicely.

Good thing. It's winging its way up north to Number 2 son who has a birthday on the 8th. He just moved into a new house and I thought he may need some new dishcloths and a towel. You can't have enough of either of those in my world.

On the very last day of July I got the red, white and blue warp finished.

Right now I am wrestling it onto the loom while watching some USA action in Rio. I may have missed the 4th but I'm just in time for some Olympic cheer.


  1. Very nice gifties for your son. I'm knitting some red/white/blue too!

    Can't wait to see how your USA weaving looks when it is finished!

  2. They sure turned out beautifully! Nice to have the next project already going on the loom!

  3. Dishcloths are the bomb. Great gifts. Always wonderful.
    Your weaving is amazing

  4. What great gifts for you son. I love,love the colors in the towel. Beautiful. I'm impressed with your red, white and blue for the Olympics. I'm still knitting socks! And they're green. :-)

  5. I just sent my son dish cloths too! No towels though...that whole weaving thing looks way to complicated to me.

  6. Your son is one lucky guy! I love to see your weaving, just wish I were close enough to see it up close. You are SO talented!