Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sew What

 I've been walking around the house wearing this raggedy dress for weeks.

Even when the whole behind disintegrated I kept wearing it. I just put shorts under it.

I love my big and baggy Fresh Produce dresses and I have a hard time parting with them even after they have fallen to rags. They are the best thing ever when it's hot and they are hard to come by anymore.

 The Mister finally shamed me into getting rid of it so I had to find something to replace it with. The stores are full of sun dresses at the moment but nothing much for ladies of a certain age and nothing comfortable enough for lying about the house.

 Connecting Threads has great prices on their clearance fabric and I found several that could possibly be dresses.

 I've got a stash of simple patterns because I am always intending to make myself something to wear but never do.

 I've had these for years. I did make the one on the right but it was huge and looked like a nightgown. In spite of the poor results, it was fun to make so I used that pattern first.

 The main reason it is fun is because it calls for bias tape for the facing and I love making bias tape with my little doo-hicky.

 I spent Saturday getting it done. There were a few glitches along the way but nothing major to speak of.

 Taa dah....a cute little housedress in about four hours.

 It's no prize winner. I can't sew worth beans to be honest but it'll do for hanging around the house in this terrible heat.

 On Sunday I had another one done. This one's a plain little shift-with darts. I haven't sewn darts since home ec class.

Both little dresses have side pockets. I love pockets. You can't have enough. Between my aprons and my house dresses, by the end of the day I'm a regular pack horse of junk. The trick is to unload before you throw any of them in the wash. Don't ask me how I know that.


  1. They turned out VERY cute! Now you'll be cool AND stylish!

  2. Love this! The new dresses look so comfy. :-) I just bought some cotton fabric at Joann's today to make myself a simple dress. The pattern doesn't have pockets but I'm going to add some too.

  3. Your dresses look great! And you're right - they are perfect for the kind of weather we've been having. I have a ton of fabric...I need to dig out my machine and get to work.

  4. Good job! They look very comfortable! You sew crazy involved things all the time for your ice skating commitments so of course you could make these! Hurray for new house dresses!

  5. You are sew talented . I love pockets. This is new for me. Nice invisible pockets that dont' add poundage to my frame are my favorite. Nice job Really really nice. YOull feel cool and Beautiful in them

  6. I have a long cotton dress in similar shape - I love to through it on when I'm not going out. It's fine for working in the garden (if the neighbours happen to stop by) or to pop out to the store. And it's great for the heat because it's so light and comfy.
    I keep meaning to take a pattern off it so I can make my own (it's a very simple design). I better do it soon because I just found a big hole down by the hem.

  7. Also - you should check out Old Navy - they have some fabulous swing and trapeze dresses right now.

  8. What a good idea! I've been contemplating doing the same thing and I love all your fabric. Most if not all the sundresses in the stores here just wouldn't work on me either. Time to dust off the sewing machine. :-)

  9. I love them. I will take one for kicking around in a cardigan. I understand your attachment to the old one too. It's very punk rock!