Monday, August 29, 2016

August Cards

 I'm off kitty sitting again for Daughter this week so August is over for me. I didn't get too much time to spend in the card room this month.

 In one flurry of activity I managed to do some stencil embossing.

 I die cut some stars, lots of stars.

 I did notice an improvement with my heat embossing. This isn't half bad. Mine is usually a smeary mess.

The only new toy I added to my card stash this month is this stamp shammy from Lawn Fawn. Baby wipes were leaving fiber on the stamps so I picked up one of these from Amazon after reading the reviews. I love it. It looks a mess but it works like a charm. Sort of like me.


  1. I knew that I was ignorant about card making, but I have definitely never heard of a card shammy. :-). Have fun kitty sitting!

  2. Love the sparkly fireworks.

    Have a good time with the kitties. Tell them Giroux sends a big hello!

  3. I like the way the stars are cut-very clever and your embossing looks great, too!
    Happy kitty sitting!

  4. That stencil embossing is really neat looking! I can't believe Aug. is almost over! Hope all goes well with the kitties this week.

  5. Cute cards! Have fun kitty-sitting! Hope they don't give you the stink-eye too much!