Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Soap: Success at Last

 All those fails of the past weeks really shook me up but I am very happy to report that I seemed to have worked the bugs out of all the new fall fragrances and colors. This one I am particularly proud of as it was reviewed as a scent for "experienced soapers only" as it supposedly heats up then accelerates and rices. I don't consider myself very experienced but I did my homework, I kept the temps low, I worked quickly and voila...something not too terrible with no real problems to speak of. This is Crisp Apple Wine and it smells just like a bottle of Boone's Farm which brings back lots of fond memories to this old hippie. It was yummy. Do they still make it?

 This one had me praying to the soap gods, for real. It took a lot of time and effort but it seems to have paid off.

Meet Witch's Brew. It's a spicy blend of patchouli, cedar and cinnamon. Lots of people hate patchouli but I love it so this is a big win for me.

With my confidence restored I threw Something Wicked in the pot, gave it a stir and came out with something lovely. This is a mysterious scent. It reminds me of a fruity pipe tobacco. It's smoky but sweet. Perfect for a cool autumn night. I can't wait.

This is Afternoon Tea and it's nothing to brag about but I've made worse lately. Much, much worse.

Finally here is Pumpkin Picking. It has to stay in the mold for a while before I cut it so I'll have to show that off next week. Whew... fall soaping is done. It's hard to believe that it's only a few weeks until I have to start Christmas soap if I want it to be ready in time for gifting. Time does fly when you measure it out it in soap curing time.


  1. Something Wicked reminds me of Frankenstein! Great looking soaps!

  2. Very cool results this time! I like the orange one! My DH loves patchouli so I make that for him!

  3. They all look so amazing! I love the "designs" you have in each different one.

    I never realized soap had to sit so long before it was ready. You must be really patient - I have a hard time letting something baked "remain in pan for 10 minutes before plating" ... ;-)

  4. Your soap is beautiful and I bet it smells fantastic. Well done!

  5. It's all beautiful! When do you have time to sleep?! I'm so impressed.

  6. Beautiful soaps - love the look of Something Wicked. Glad you got your soap mojo back

  7. Pumking Picking is going to look amazing! I can just tell from the top of it! Love it already.

  8. Exactly when did you find time to do all that soap? Weren't you busy with skating camp?
    They all look and sound amazing!

    1. I made it all last weekend before camp. One after the other. I had a regular assembly line going.