Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bye Bye August

 I really didn't think I would get this month done. August was crazy in spite of being locked in the house for most of it due to the heat.

 September looks like a bear to finish but since I am a captive audience at Daughter's this week and I brought it along, I just may make a dent in it.

 Unfortunately this project has become a record of my failing eyesight.

 I almost gave up on the whole thing because I can't see worth beans in this half light we have in summer.

Voila. This thing is FAB. U. LOUS. Not exactly comfortable but I don't stitch for hours anyway. What's next though? A microscope? Getting old is no fun.


  1. No it isn't. But, thankfully my eyes are still doing pretty well. It's the REST of me that is falling apart.

    August is adorable. It's amazing how much stitching you can pack into that tiny square.

    Can't wait to see September. (It's my 2nd favorite month of the year.)

  2. Now that's something I could use! Where pray tell did you get it?

    1. Amazon. $9

  3. Oh yes! I've been using a "head piece" for several years. Once, while vacationing with a friend in the Outer Banks, I walked out on our balcony with the thing still on my head - the looks from those on the beach were priceless. I now refer to it as my crown - lol. Your stitching looks wonderful. I can't wait to see September as it is my favorite month. And tomorrow it is here...and temps are supposed to drop some - YAY!!

  4. This month's stitching is so pleasing! I think it is great to have all the gadgets that help us stem the tide of decrepitance! lol

  5. Watermelon bunny is too dang cute. ANd my eye doc said, LIGHT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND now that I have cataracts

  6. The calendar looks so good. I'm in awe of your magnifying headband. the eyesight/light quality is no joke for crafting fatigue these days. My struggle is real.

  7. Love that watermelon and the rest of August, too. You are coming along and may inspire me to pick up my long neglected stitching yet! Happy Labor Day!

  8. Your needlework project is adorable! I've seen those magnifier things.. I should try one. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)