Monday, August 8, 2016

Leo Times Two

 It's that time of year around here when I go digging in the boxes of photos to find something to embarass #2 Son and Daughter with.

It's their birthdays today and tomorrow. I've got a lot to choose from. We took boxes and boxes of photos of the kids when they were growing up. I didn't want to miss a thing.

Son sure looks like #2 Grand here. They could be twins.

 There's him having a slide with Mom aka Granny. She had three daughters so she was wild about her slew of grandsons. I sure miss her. She would have been crazy about my adorable Grands.

 A rare moment with Daddio. He was a scary kind of guy so we all kept our distance but he had his moments.

 Here is one of the many times #2 ended up in the hospital from his asthma. This was a scary one. 10 days in intensive care when a lung collapsed due to pneumonia and then followed by a rare bacterial infection picked up in the hospital. No fun there.

A few months later he was a little Jawa for Halloween. I loved dressing this little cutie up. I was always putting him in crazy costumes. I'm surprised he didn't grow up and go on the stage. He's a lawyer. I suppose it's the same thing.

 Daughter's birthday is tomorrow.

Being the little sister made her tough.

She didn't look it but she was mean as....well, whatever word you put there. The one I use isn't polite.

She is still that way. Even though it leads us to having words from time to time, I try not to judge because she is way better off than I was at her age. Nothing stops her.

Happy birthday kids!


  1. Love the pictures! I have lots of our kids too and enjoy wandering down memory lane through the photo albums sometimes. Happy BIrthday to both of the kids.

  2. Old photos, so many memories!

  3. What a great visit down memory lane! It does make you remember how tough those early years were, too. Happy Birthday, kids!

  4. Oh Scary hospitalization. Never had that with our kids. You raised a strong woman ! That's something to be truly proud of.

  5. Happy birthday to both of your kids.

    My ex-husband had horrible asthma. That is one SCARY disease.

  6. Cute photos! A couple of my grandkids have asthma and it is very scary indeed! I also have a son that's a lawyer. Omg...could we be living parallel lives?!

  7. Oh man. Great, I'm tearing up at work. Good job lady. But what a great post. I love it all. I love you partying with your daughters cats to the Olympics. I've been enjoying them far more than I expected this year!

    I love your mitts and your wonders of wool quote.

    I love the sweet photos of your kids when they were littles and the BEST stories of family. Good stuff. Plenty to love and appreciate.