Friday, August 19, 2016

Last Day

 One more day. One day more....the family performance is this afternoon. We get to show off what we managed to accomplish in five short days. Yesterday we put it all together and I was amazed at how great it all looked.

Here is what we did with the vinyl tablecloths. After you cut them you stretch them until they ripple, They actually look pretty good when the kids are undulating under them. We only lost one streamer after an entire morning of abuse. Sweet.

The umbrellas worked. Look behind them. I made a blowfish out of bubble wrap. She looks adorable.

 That's not me. That's our other coach for the week. I convinced him to don the suit so I could get some photos. Some pretty bad photos of my cute little starfish. I had my cheapo purse camera and since no one was ever standing still, it's all a blur.

 The hats were sitting still. I hope I never have to put so many eyes on hats again. Tomorrow I'll have to take them all off. Yikes.

 The new stand for the Yellow Submarine works perfectly. We only had one skater trip over the pipes. This system is so much lighter and sturdier than our old set pieces. Halleluja.

We used up scraps and leftovers from other events to put this all together. Everyone had a job to do.

 The kids put their fish on our plain blue background. They were a great group to work with. It almost made me miss teaching. Almost.

 The best part of the day was this donut. A parent brought it to me and it was most welcome.

This donut shop is pretty far away from where I live but I'm telling you now-it's worth the trip. Best. Donut. Ever.


  1. Everything looks great. Love those umbrella's/octopus or octopi. Oh that donut...I can almost taste it!

  2. So excited with you to see it all come together!
    Thanks for this preview and behind the scenes look!

  3. You nailed the submarine. I"VE HAD DUCK DONUTS. I have them fresh hot and freshly glazed in The outer banks! ! !Duck Key last year. SOmebody loves you!!!

  4. A Duck donut! I've never had one, but my autistic nephew, who lives in Va., is obsessed with them.

  5. This is amazing! I can't believe how much you accomplished. You, my friend, are amazing! Love it all and I know the kids have had a blast. Thank you.

  6. Donut pay ----------it doesn't get any better than that!

  7. Your costumes are amazing! Boy, being on the ice sounds might good at the moment; it's hot here, and we aren't used to it! My plants are having heat stroke!

  8. Wow it all looks wonderful! Especially that donut!!!

  9. You have been so busy, costumes, skating dresses and dishcloths. You amaze me at all you get done.