Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Twelth Day of Christmas

 It's all over. The Mister took down the lights yesterday. It was 60 degrees. It was a good day to do it.

 My cupboards are bare. I took the cards off the top. The house looks weird now.

 It was a good year for cards. We got quite a few and they were all really pretty. I haven't tossed them yet. I'm not ready.

 I still have a small corner of the kitchen filled with holiday goodies that I'm still in the process of eating. I was so worried that I wouldn't have enough candy canes. It looks like I bought plenty.

 There are a handful of my favorite cookies left. They won't last long.

 I have almost an entire fruitcake leftover that I'm saving for a snowy day. They are actually calling for snow tonight but I'll believe it when I see it. They tend to get it wrong more often than not around here.


  1. Time for a new year. At least you have candy canes to keep you going.

  2. I like it when everything is put away and the house looks bigger again!

  3. I de-Christmased on the 29. I wasn't in a big rush, but I knew if I didn't do it while I had the energy, it'd still all be up in March.

    A tip for the Christmas cards - you can cut out the images on the fronts and use them as gift tags on next year's presents. Dave gets lots of cards from the kids, so that's what I do with all of them. I keep them in a big envelope with all my wrapping stuff.

  4. There are still a few decorations lingering here. Once everything is put away, it gives me a chance to redecorate a bit and change things up.

  5. oh I am such a Christmas cookie nut. Just seeing you have some left leaves me breathless

  6. Our stuff is put away as of today also, all except a giant poinsettia on the dining room table. Who knows how long that will last. Seeing your fruitcake reminded me that it's been ages since we've had any. Lucky you!

  7. no leftovers here either. all eaten up.
    I always make Christmas tags out of Christmas cards too.
    my that fruitcake looks good.

  8. I love how festive the last of your holiday corners feel from here. No more candy canes in this house, but I think the amount of chocolate that are from the holidays will keep us going through at least January!