Thursday, January 29, 2015

Care Package

 Yesterday I was having a bad day-a very bad day. Everything was going wrong from the minor (dead laptop) to the major (95 year old MIL in hospital) and things in between (cat abscess). Daddio also had a dreaded late afternoon doctor's appointment so I was rushing about when I dropped a giant container of his favorite bean soup all over the floor. At the very moment that I was looking at the mess in disbelief, The Mister came in with a package.

Blog friend elns had sent me a big surprise. Inside were seriously fabulous bandaids...

 ...and things for pampering.

 The biggest surprise of all was this precious Felici. Who could part with this hard to find, now discontinued favorite? I have no words.....

As for Daddio's doctor's appointment, I took Olaf along for the ride. I do a lot of knitting in the waiting room and it was fun to look down and see him smiling back. It made all the difference.

Thank you elns. You are simply the bestest!!!!!


  1. Wow - What a great surprise! I could seriously get a Band-Aid obsession with all those adorable ones out there, who knew? You're lucky to have such a nice friend looking out for you :)

  2. How fun! I had no idea there are so many Band-Aid choices! That yarn should make some great socks. You're right, elns is very nice. I hope today is a better one!

  3. What athoughtful great surprise. bean soup on the floor...sounds like I would do that

  4. You're welcome! I'm so glad the box made it there. I'm really happy it brought you a little smile during all the tough times. You're incredibly strong and kind. I'm happy to root for you from afar!

    I knew you are a fan of the Felici too, and I love watching you knit socks so I'm so glad you think you'll enjoy it. Sending you lots of Happy!

  5. Awww, you are loved! P effect timing, too.