Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rekindled Love

 I was rummaging around in the sewing room when I came upon my beautiful basket of kitchen cotton.

I was powerless in the face of my dishrag obsession. I did limit myself to pet dishrags. Mini size.

 I also stumbled upon my old sewing basket with a piecing project in progress that I had forgotten about.

Now it's on the  kitchen table with the goal of one block a day-or maybe every other day. I'm not sure what my plan was for them but I do know I need a pile before I can figure it out.


  1. This is the essence of January for me....finish it or purge it! Have fun.

  2. You know - I thought I had ADD - you've got it bad!!! Nice way to bring a bit of colour!

  3. Look at all those pretty cotton colors. I see a few that are in my stash too. Can't wait to see what you do with your blocks.

  4. Great way to chase the dull winter skies away

  5. Have you tried Mere's Almost Lost Washcloth? It's quick and fun; warning though that it's also addictive.

  6. needing a link for Mere's Almost Lost Washcloth!
    love your addictions.


      Is this the one everyone's blogging about? I want to try it.