Wednesday, January 21, 2015


  Daddio had a bucket of these different sized  hexies from when we made Valentine table runners for the sisters a few years back.

 I always meant to make one for myself so I dug them out and started stitching on a snowy afternoon. It's a small project that should easily be done by February.

Sewing down hexies to be machine quilted is a favorite activity of mine so the whole time I'm sewing I'm thinking that those buckets and buckets of spare hexies we have stashed could be all sewn onto strips and then the strips could be sewn together for something totally wild and crazy. This could be fun.


  1. Using up and making beauty...perfection!

  2. I love red and white and all those pretty fabrics. Can't wait to see them put together.

  3. I Love hearts and I love all things Valentines day!
    I have a small heart collection on my shortest wall in the house. Al knitted me a heart once...
    hope this one is all fun for you

  4. That's a great way to brighten up these grey days.