Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Clipper

It's been a roller coaster of a winter here. One day it's mild and sunny and the next day it's an Alberta Clipper dropping a dusting of snow.

Since my latest thrummed project was done, I took them out for a trial run in the latest white stuff.

 I am more than happy to report that although they are mighty goofy looking, they are warm. Very warm.

I love these things. Now I need some real snow not this *mood snow we keep getting.

*Mood snow: what the local weather people are now calling snow that is not a disruption or a nuisance. These are their exact words. Seriously.


  1. Goofy maybe but incredibly beautiful! (Goofy is naming winter snowstorms and mood snow...!)

  2. That clipper must have passed us by completely - all our snow is gone and we've had none for almost two weeks now. Still darn cold though!

  3. Love your mitts and could use a pair here. We had several inches of snow overnight. Everything was covered and beautiful.