Friday, January 2, 2015


I usually start the new year with a recap of what I have accomplished in the previous year but this year I've got too much to finish to do that with a clear conscience. I am giving myself a public shaming instead. Here is what needs to happen in 2015:
 First I resolve to turn this Love into a dog sweater for Pup who outgrew her only sweater months ago.

 I resolve to finish spinning this Merino by February for this year's MDSW shawl. It's only four months away. Yikes.

 I resolve to figure out how to warp all these little cones of color for my next towel-of-the month challenge. The next kit is already en route and I still have last month's to do.

 I resolve to finish the Inspira cowl before spring. I'd like to wear it at least once before having to pack it away.

 I resolve to resume watching The Gilmore Girls while knitting on Tracery in bed every night.

 I resolve to resume working on my Galliano vest and ply the two completed bobbins of Shetland I have waiting. It's going to get cold sometime and I really need another warm vest.

 I resolve to get these sleeves done so I can wear White Pine this fall-no hurry on this, thank goodness.

 I resolve to finish the second thrummed mitt in a timely manner since Daughter has asked for a pair for herself.

 I resolve to cast on some socks-two at a time and side by side again. It's the only way to do stripes.

 I resolve to get that last purple row on the mosaic sampler. The last border rows will follow and won't that be something to celebrate after all these years. I started this in 2010. Happy New Year.


  1. love your list. I'm afraid to think about mine. Happy New Year.

  2. Great recap and completely doable! You have a list of beauty whispering for your attention!

  3. What wonderful resolutions. I LOVE your knitting. You knit complex wonderful garments. I must resolve to knit side by side socks. IT s the only way to go!

  4. I love your beautiful projects. Happy knitting and weaving!

  5. I love your projects!!! Can't wait to see progress on them.

  6. Great list! This year I want to try thrummed mittens...again.