Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lopi to the Rescue

Pup's new Lopi sweater worked out just fine.

 I finished it the night before our last snow. Whoever commented about weaving in all those ends was right. It was a real slog.

It was still big but it fit nicely over another sweater keeping her dry and warm for a chilly romp with The Mister.

I did do some homework and her next sweater will be much more of a fitted affair. I should have figured that there should be decreases happening to get rid of those tummy bulges. Now, if only it was that easy to get rid of mine.


  1. Very cute! A shortcut for eliminating tummy tucks would be a jewel!

  2. happy dance dog is the BEST. Love all the pictures and the little sweater is darling. Hooray for winter...that's the first time I said that today!

  3. I'm with Kathy, I love that hind leg photo. Super cute! The sweater turned out great, but I think we just got a glimpse into your crafty mind already plotting the next one to be "better"! I love the colors too. So much fun in a white winter.

  4. She's very stylish in her new sweater. I need to get going on one for my sister's dog. Just can't decide on the pattern!