Saturday, January 17, 2015

All's Right With the World

I haven't had any travel worthy projects on the needles in a while which pretty much means I have no socks in progress. That's bad. Daddio had two doctor's visits this week and I had to sit there twiddling my thumbs. Not good. In a rush to get something going though, I encountered a roadblock-a most serious case of yarn barf. It was terminal.

 I had to waste spend the morning rewinding it while using very bad language.

That's better. All is forgiven.

 The project and I were out of the door a few minutes later and just in time for yet another doctor visit and lunch at Daddio's favorite hotspot.

 Even better, when I got home, an eagerly awaited package was there.

 It's Stray Cat in Galactic Slime. It's an antidote for winter scurvy.

 It's a fruity cocktail with one of those little umbrellas stuck in it.

 Thank you Wandering Cat Yarns. I needed that.


  1. More and more skeins are afflicted with yarn barf! Frustrating! The new skein is beautiful and the stitch marker is too sweet; enjoy!

  2. Haha - always glad to help! Now that I look at the yarn it reminds me of the jubejube fruit slices!

  3. You made me laugh. Glad you got that naughty yarn under control.

  4. Some yarn just won't behave; glad you whipped it in shape. Love that stitch marker!

  5. A big yes for having the proper yarn wound and ready to go! That Wandering Cat makes me smile. What a lovely treat!