Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This is as far as I got on Mr Turkey before I decided to pack him away until next fall. What I wanted to work on was something wintery.

 I looked high and low for a winter design that I liked without any luck. I had all but given up when by chance Facebook asked me if I wanted to join a rug hooking group where this design happened to be the profile picture of the group moderator. I asked her about the pattern and she made it available on Etsy.

Isn't that just the cutest snowman ever? You can find it at Red House Wool Studio along with lots of other cute things to hook.

 As for that snow they were predicting....

 We got it much to Pup's delight. Unfortunately her sweaters left much to be desired. Acrylic gets wet and cold and so did she so I'm off to the Lopi bin with a plan for an emergency replacement.


  1. You did get a lot done on the turkey-it is going to be great-get the urge to finish it this August, okay? The new pattern is perfect-it will satisfy the hooking itch! Poor Pup!
    Lopi would be a perfect yarn for his sweater!

  2. I love the way the turkey is turning out. And the snowman looks like it would be fun. Pup is such a cutie and does such a good job posing. Miss Sydney runs when she sees the camera in my hand.

  3. I'm sorry the sweater is soggy, but it is SO cute. I love LOVE the pic of the word snow with your shoes. hehe. Your snowman is awesome and perfect for your winter day. I love that you found a rug hooking group! You are so crafty!!

  4. so cute that pup. I saw someone just make two tubes. Separate pieces. A tube for the neck . a tube for the body. It was darling on a small dog

  5. That snowman is adorable - and so its pup- naturally!

  6. Love that turkey, but even more I love that you've multiple projects going! Your pup is a cutie and so is the sweater.
    No snow here, just rain.....