Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

My new cocktail obsession is Pimm's with ginger ale or cherry seven up. I cram a small glass full of whatever frozen fruit I have on hand in place of ice cubes and it's a glass of heaven while it lasts.

 I eat bags and bags of chopped salads. They come in lots of varieties and I love them all stuffed in a pita. I firmly believe all this salad I'm putting away balances out all the fruitcake I'm still eating, right? I have to confess that I just made four more little fruitcakes in order not to waste all the leftover ingredients I had cluttering up the cabinets.

 Where have you been all my life? Ice cream and I are not on speaking terms anymore so a bowl of this when the bedtime munchies hit is perfect. Just perfect.

 The Mister gave me a Shark for Christmas and it's my new best friend. It really eats up the cat hair. I can actually sit on my couch again and knit without having an asthma attack. I used go through a bottle of Benedryl a week.

Last but not least, I gave myself a new mini crockpot for Christmas. The old one was too big for just the two of us. This one holds 2 quarts and it's just perfect for two nights of whatever is in it. Right now it's lentil soup. I'm all about small these days even though The Mister gave it a serious eye roll when he saw me making chili in it. In spite of it's small size, he had enough for three dinners. Three. Someone's eyes are bigger than their tummy....


  1. It's fun to see see some of your favorite non-yarn fab things!

  2. My friends laugh at my little 3-quart crock pot, but it's perfect for just the two of us - and it's the same - there's always leftovers!

  3. I am trying hard to not go get your crock pot considering I already have 4. Well, I had 5 but I gave one to a worthy cause. And then chili, you had to say chili. Must go get the fixings for that!!!

  4. THIS is an awesome post. We have a mini crock too. Its perfect for bringing an appetizer to a party. (NOTE: weiner dogs in cocktail sauce, or velveeta with tomatoes.)
    Love your new cleaner upper too!

  5. Chili in the crock pot sounds perfect.

  6. I totally appreciate the little crock pot. I still have the same mini rice cooker from my early/mid 20s. I love it. I also just found out my sister is gifting me one of Mom's "extra" dirt devils. hehe. so excited!