Sunday, January 18, 2015

Purple Fail

 Last week's dress rehearsal was a mess. The ice was littered with purple sequins.

 That glittery material we paid a fortune for is falling apart.

 I had spent days making eight of these sparkly peplum style vests for the smaller girls only to have to trash them all. You can't leave bits on the ice or it's an immediate disqualification for safety reasons.

 The first competition is in less than a month so we tossed the whole vest idea and decided to put everyone in no-sew purple tutus. Nothing's going to fall off these babies.

 The house is filled with tulle. Dumpy Debbie doesn't look too shabby in her tutu. I should make one for me.


  1. Gosh! All that work, what a bummer. Love the tutus though and the ribbons add pizzaz!

  2. That's a shame about the vest - but those tutus kick ass! I want one and I can't even skate!

  3. Oh, no! Good thing you found out now, I guess. The Tutus are gorgeous!

  4. oh no... all your work glittering on the ice....
    love the tutus. and you can never have enough tulle.