Sunday, December 29, 2013

Quoth the Raven: Part Three

The crazy mess turned into a skein very uneventfully.

After all that work and worry, the stripes worked up pretty well. The purple was a bit watercolory but I liked the effect.

 The one fly in the ointment was the gold stripe. I didn't measure it right and it was about two inches too short.

Whenever I got to that little gold stripe, I had to stop and dye a bit more of the white so the gold would meet itself around the sock.

After dipping, I took the tiny and strand and made up a contraption to steam it for heat setting.

Sock number one showed up on November 4th.....

 ...and was ripped back on the 5th.

It had an ugly gusset. I hate ugly gussets and I have no idea how this got past  me for so long. A sock is only as good as its gussets so it had to go. I learned a new trick on You Tube that closes that gap that I hate so much.

At this point I should have had a happy ending to report but instead I had yet another giant crash and burn. Just look at what I did. The leg of the second sock is longer than the other. I got carried away on the second sock, now didn't I? Of course I had to rip it back all the way to the third black stripe and reknit the entire heel and foot. Arghhh.........


  1. I love how you figured out to dye-as-you-go! Ingenious!

  2. You are amazing to dye that yellow/gold for it.
    I would never had ripped them back…You are so patient and a perfectionist. WONDERFUL