Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Lights

 All I could manage to come up with for lights this year was this measly string hanging on a curtain rod. The new windows ruined my usual tradition of decorating the front windows from the inside. I can't tape or nail anything in them because they are still too new and beautiful to muss up.

I wasn't feeling too bad about it until my neighbor, who never puts up anything, went all out this year. I didn't have the heart to tell The Mister to climb up on the roof and do this sort of stuff but it may come to this next year.

 The Mister and I are big fans of Christmas lights. We took a drive the other night to check out the neighborhoods.

Goodness gracious. There were about a zillion houses that looked pretty much like this not that far away.

 Who knew? We need to get out more at night.

The little town hall looked lovely, as always.

 The crab pot tree, in its second year, is still a show stopper right out on the main drag.

All those crab pots are pretty amazing. I got to see them putting it up this year and it's quite a job.

The town also added a giant blinking Jack in the Box this year at a main intersection. It's a wonder we don't have more accidents around here. As much as I have shown you, it's only a teeny tiny bit of what's actually out there. The city electric bill must be out of this world.

Over in North Beach, there were these new giant balls on the sidewalk. There should be a joke here but I can't think of one.

Their big tree is always so pretty with the water and the lit up boats in the background.

The boardwalk had new tin soldiers. Scary, aren't they? I liked the old nutcrackers better. They are now out on the piers.

There is also a row of waving penguins.

 North Beach also has new snowflakes on every street lamp. Our town didn't put ours up this year and I am bummed about it. I really liked them. They are very Bedford Fall-ish.

 The Catholic church has this life sized nativity that is just gorgeous. How they manage to keep it in one piece, I'll never know. That has got to be pretty tempting to the neighborhood riff raff.

 Our railroad museum has this giant train in the parking lot. I can't wait until Grandbaby is old enough to come down and see all that crazy blinking and flashing.

Then there is about a half a mile of highly decorated medium strip that runs down to the bay.

 It takes them weeks to put all those lights in every tree and set up all those giant blinking displays.

All these lights really are wonderful.  I wonder if we have an extra string or two laying around? I really need to go fix up that window before dark.


  1. beautiful lights.
    we need to take our annual drive to look at lights.

  2. So pretty! And your lights look better than mine - we've got none up at all.

  3. What a fun tour!!! I so enjoy everyone's lights on my drive home from work at midnight from Thanksgiving to New years. We have some lights but NOTHING like the ones you've shown!!!
    I do have a new Cat wreath that I lit up