Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Woolly Wednesday: Something Pumpkin

 With all the frantic holiday knitting going on, my wheels and spindles have been gathering dust. All that fiber I put away for winter will have to wait until the new year.

I have been trying to put a few inches on the Ladybug whenever I get a moment because I love this orange overdyed BFL. Someday it will be a part of a stripey sweater-but not until I finish the three sweaters I already have in progress that are also gathering dust. Since cleaning has taken a back seat around here these days, I'm talking about a lot of dust.


  1. Looking great!
    I'm itching to get back to the cardigan that I have on the go. But it has to wait until after Christmas!

  2. Very nice color combinations in that there spin. I like it! But can I just thank you for admitting cleaning has taken a back seat. Not that you don't deserve a clean and dust-free existence but it made me feel a lot better about my holiday distraction and indulgences.