Thursday, December 26, 2013

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Here's what I have been doing in secret for the past two months. I've been knitting my fingers off and that's not all.

I've been piecing an enormous quilt as well. Number Two son asked for one on Thanksgiving so I have been working like crazy on it every night. It's a very random disappearing nine patch and it was lots of fun to do. He only got the top as a gift. I will have to actually quilt this monster in the new year.

I've also been finishing Daddio's Christmas masterpiece. This one nearly did the old guy in. He's taking a break from hand piecing at the moment and I couldn't be happier. I still have a giant pile of his things to catch up on.

Then there were the towels from the loom.

 What a job that was. Whew. I've still got so much to learn about this weaving thing.

I had enough warp for another one but I couldn't go any further with that tangled mess at the back. I'm lucky I managed to squeeze two towels out of this disaster.  I've got plenty of cotton left so I'll try this again in January when my mind has had a chance to settle.

All the wrapping of the knit gifts was quite time consuming as well. Everything got put back into the yarn wrappers, tagged for care, and given a sachet to go along for the ride in the little bags I made for them.

I handmade quite a few of these cedar and lavender things to tuck into the gift bags to ward off any evil spirits until the new owners took over the care of all this wooly stuff.

 I was honestly glad to see it all go. Making things for other people makes me nervous. Nothing is ever good enough for gifting. I knit pick it all to death in my head until the fun is gone.

Having said that, I already have plans for next year. I even bought a box to store it in in hopes that I will give myself an earlier start. Of course, I need to find new victims to knit for and new projects to knit.

And don't forget...hand wash those socks and don't put them in the dryer, please!


  1. I'm always amazed by all the different things you have going. That quilt looks huge and the weaving just plain scares me. I would probably somehow get myself tangled up in all those strings. I usually manage to get things tangled while plying so I'm not even going to attempt weaving just yet. Your end results are always so pretty that I'm tempted though.

  2. You rock! I am casting on new socks from Santa's goodness later today.

  3. Lovely - and your son is very lucky, getting that quilt!

  4. blown away! lovely gifts, lovely wrapping... amazing.