Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter on the Water 2013

Washington Harbor's Ice Rink has its annual holiday festival the same day the House of Sweden has its holiday bazaar.

 Since they are right next door to each other, it's a good way to kill a Saturday.

 Both events are right down the street from Georgetown shopping. We found this guy in Urban Outfitters just hanging around waiting to have his picture taken.

 There is also a new macaron shop. They were good but awfully pricey.

 Back at the rink we got to see a kid skate right through the safety glass. It exploded right in front of us. The kid was fine, the glass was not.

 There was a wedding reception being held in one of the restaurants that circle the rink. Of course the bride and groom came out for a much photographed skate.

 The festivities included performances by some awfully cute local skaters.

 The weather was perfect for skating and there was a decent crowd.

 Even Santa showed up.

 The House of Sweden sent over their carolers.

 The little one should be on top of a Christmas tree. Isn't she an angel?

 The night ended with a performance by a member of Georgetown University's figure skating team that was so amazingly awesome that the only photo that turned out was the one of her standing still. She moved like lightening around the ice and looked like a blur through the lens.

I really love this little rink and all its sparkly lights. I was so busy taking photos and watching the skaters that I never got around to skating myself. It's probably just as well because as I sit here writing this post, I can feel a terrible cold coming on. Ah chooo. Oh, no.....