Friday, December 20, 2013

O Christmas Tree!

I have a new tree. I found this skinny little fellow at Ikea.

 It came in a nifty bag.

 It's the cat tree. Nothing on it is breakable. I really want to put tinsel on it but I know better. It would be a certain trip to the vets if I did.

 We used to always have live trees until we ran out of room to plant them. Here is the trunk of one of the first ones. The thing is HUGE. They are all huge.

 Here is the newest addition to the Christmas tree farm aka our front yard. Daughter brought it home a few years ago from a wedding in a bag. It's doing fine and so is its brother. Last year's addition bit the dust due to an unfortunate delay in planting. You've got to get them outside right away. Plastic pots do not make them happy.

 My precious vintage pom pom sparkler tree is set up in my bedroom this year behind closed doors. I couldn't do without it but the cats have been very naughty at night lately and I'm not taking any chances with my glass ornaments. It makes a lovely nightlight.

 It seems I've got more ornaments than tree so I should probably stop buying them. I just wish they would stop making such pretty ones. The temptation to add "just one more" is too great every year.

 Of all the trees I pull out of the closet each year, my favorite is this wood one. I bought it ages ago on one of our annual Christmas trips to the ocean. Mom loved for the family to gather all together in a beach house and for a few years, before the kids got too old for such things, we pulled it off. I don't light it very often but when I do I whisper a little something to Mom and I swear I hear her whisper back.


  1. You're a very brave woman putting up a tree with cats. Our Lilly Bean and Levi were so naughty with ours last year that this year I put one outside and not inside. I just decorated the mantle and put three very small trees in the front window ledge. With the new Grandpuppy added to the mix this year I'm pretty sure the tree would never survive. :-)

  2. My pretty silver one came crashing down last night at midnight for no reason at all. It scared the you know what out of us. The carnage was terrible and I can't blame the cats as they were locked out of the room at the time. Earthquake?

  3. awww she is whispering back alright!
    I love the trees. So far Pie went INTO the tree just once. IM using a squirt gun from afar and its working so far.

  4. your trees are beautiful. the wooden one with real candles is spectacular. I am a sucker for the silver one! It is a masterpiece.